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We would like to welcome you to our Public Consultation Website for a potential residential development of up to 74 dwellings on Land Adjacent to the Village Hall,
Main Road, East Hagbourne.

This website provides outline details of our proposals for the site and seeks views and comments from the local community to help us shape these proposals further.


Please read the relevant information and fill in the comments form provided.
You can complete this form online and submit or download a printable version and post to our office.

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South Oxfordshire needs to accommodate more houses. The site represents a greenfield site in the heart of the village of East Hagbourne, abutting existing built development on three of its boundaries (north, east and south), and sited immediately adjacent to the Village Hall (to the south-east) and the Primary School (to the south).

  • A residential development to include up to 74 new dwellings of varying sizes, types and tenures, to cater for families, the younger generations, flexible retirement housing and affordable homes.

  • 40% of these new homes would provide affordable housing, prioritising local people.

  • New pedestrian and cycle link from the site onto Sustrans Route 544, which runs along the old railway line to the west of the site.

  • Public open space and play area (measuring circa 0.64ha), with the play area being adjacent to the Village Hall, which the whole village can access for recreational and leisure purposes.

  • Financial contributions directed to improving the local schools, transport, community, leisure and health facilities.


East Hagbourne supports a range of local facilities. In the Council’s recently published ‘Settlement Assessment Background Paper’ (June 2016), the village scored a commendable ‘9’, as it comprises a convenience store, post office, public house, primary school, village hall and playground. These are all key facilities and services required to support day to day life in the village. The proximity and convenience of East Hagbourne to Didcot also allows its residents to rely upon the facilities and services provided for in this adjacent town – a further key contributor to the sustainability credentials of the village.

The site is well located with good access to existing local facilities and the local public transport network; including Sustrans Route 544 which provides a sustainable route (utilizing other modes of transport to the motor car, i.e. walking and cycling) from East Hagbourne directly into Didcot.

The proposals will provide new homes to help sustain the vitality and viability of the village not just now but in years to come.


Download the consultation brochure now.

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 This consultation provides the local community with their first opportunity to comment on and help shape these development proposals.  This will be an outline planning application for up to 74 dwellings, so the key questions at this stage are:

  • Is the site an acceptable location for housing?

  • If so, can the site accommodate the number of houses being proposed?


Your comments and suggestions will be taken into account whilst we are preparing our planning application submission.  All comments and feedback received from this public consultation exercise will be relayed to the Local Planning Authority (South Oxfordshire District Council) as part of the planning application.

Once a planning application has been submitted you will also be able to make further representations to South Oxfordshire District Council who will take these into account before making their decision on the planning application.


Comments on the proposals can be made, via the consultation submission form below.

Please aim to submit your comments on these proposals by Friday 9th June 2017.  We will only consider comments received up to this date, however, there will be further opportunities to comment during the planning application process itself.

Your Name*

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Where do you live?*

Q1. What are your first impressions of the proposed development?

Q2. Do you accept that more family housing, housing for the younger generations, flexible retirement housing and affordable homes are required within South Oxfordshire to meet the District’s housing needs?

Q3. Which elements of the proposal do you find most pleasing?

Q4. Do you agree that in principle this is a suitable site to provide more housing, if housing is needed? If not, why not?

Q5. Are there community facilities that you would like to see improved or developed as part of the scheme?

Q6. The below space is available for you to make any further comments on our proposals for the site.

Greenlight Developments review and consider all correspondence received, and our response to the issues raised will be set out in a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).

As part of a planning application, Greenlight Developments submit to the Local Planning Authority a complete copy of all correspondence received (including any details such as your name, address and email where you have provided them). This ensures all your comments are available to the Local Planning Authority during the consideration of a planning application and shows who and how we have consulted.

As the SCI forms part of the formal suite of planning application documents, the Local Planning Authority may publish it online, subject to their own Data Protection policies. Should the planning application be the subject of an appeal, the same information will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate.

If further consultation is carried out as part of the planning process, Greenlight Developments may use your details to make you aware of this and to ask for your views, but will not use this information for any other purpose.

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