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We would like to welcome you to our Public Consultation Website for a potential development comprising a 64-bedroom care home (typically referred to as a C2 use class in planning policy) and up to 48 dwellings (known in planning policy as a C3 use class) on Land at Churchfield Farm in Sholden.

This website provides outline details of our proposals for the site and seeks views and comments from the local community to help us further shape these proposals.


Please read the relevant information and fill in the comments form provided.
You can complete this form online and submit or download a printable version and post to our office.

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We believe that Dover District has a need for both a care home to meet local social care needs, and more housing. The site represents a suitable location for a care home and housing, given its position adjacent to the edge of the village and the existing houses, shops, local facilities and transport links.

  • We consider the site suitable for a new residential care home (64-bedrooms) and would provide a much needed local social care service, as well as generating significant local employment (40 – 50 new jobs).
  • A residential development of up to 48 new homes of varying sizes, types and tenures, to cater for families, flexible retirement housing and affordable homes.

  • A residential development of up to 48 new homes of varying sizes, types and tenures, to cater for families, flexible retirement housing and affordable homes.

  • 30% of these new homes would provide affordable housing, prioritising local people.

  • A generous ribbon of open space and structure planting (approximately 60% of the site) would extend along the site’s southern and eastern boundaries, incorporating equipped and informal play areas, which the existing local community can access for recreational and leisure purposes.

  • Financial contributions directed to improving the local schools, transport, community, leisure and health facilities.


The site comprises approximately 5.8 hectares / 14.3 acres of greenfield land, which has been left unused and unmanaged for some considerable time, such that it is now largely overgrown with scrub and self-sown trees.

Our evaluation of the area and the site has identified a development area of approximately 2.4 hectares / 5.9 acres, in which the proposed care home and houses would be situated. The remaining circa 60% of the site (3.4 hectares / 8.4 acres) would comprise a generous ribbon of open space; allowing the proposals to respect views out of the Church of St. Nicholas’ graveyard, and the existing copse of trees in the north east of the site, which are noted for their screening value, as well as providing a physical and visual break between Sholden and Deal.

The site would be accessed via a new priority junction from Vicarage Lane to the west of the site. A secondary/emergency access would also be provided to the north of the site via The Street.

The development proposals provide an opportunity to significantly increase the ecological diversity and value of the site.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) will be provided at the site in the form of attenuation basins and other source control features. This SuDS strategy would ensure there is no increase in flood risk elsewhere as a result of the development.

The proposed development area would be predominantly within the area classified as grade 5 (the lowest grade) of agricultural land.

There are no direct planning policy designations for the site, except for its status as being part of the countryside (i.e. beyond the settlement boundary). The Council’s Core Strategy, which identifies broad areas for urban extensions in Sholden and Deal, includes this site.


Download the consultation brochure now.

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This consultation provides the local community with their first opportunity to comment on and help shape these development proposals.  This will be an outline planning application for a 64-bedroom care home and up to 48 dwellings, so the key questions at this stage are:

  • Is the site an acceptable location for a care home and housing?

  • If so, can the site accommodate a care home and the number of houses being proposed?


Your comments and suggestions will be taken into account whilst we are preparing our planning application submission. All comments and feedback received from this public consultation exercise will be relayed to the Local Planning Authority (Dover District Council) as part of the planning application.

Once a planning application has been submitted you will also be able to make further representations to Dover District Council who will take these into account before making their decision on the planning application.


Comments on the proposals can be made, via the consultation submission form below.

Please aim to submit your comments on these proposals by Friday 22nd September 2017.  We will only consider comments received up to this date, however, there will be further opportunities to comment during the planning application process itself.

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Q1. What are your first impressions of the proposed development?

Q2. Do you agree that a care home is required within Dover District to meet the local social care service needs?

Q3. Do you agree that more family, flexible retirement housing and affordable homes are required within Dover District to meet the local people’s housing needs?

Q4. Which elements of the proposal do you find most pleasing?

Q5. Do you agree that in principle this is a suitable site to provide a care home and housing, if a care home and housing is needed? If you do not think this is the case, we would be grateful if you would tell us why you believe otherwise.

Q6. Are there community facilities that you would like to see improved or developed as part of the scheme?

Q7. The below space is available for you to make any further comments on our proposals for the site.

Greenlight Developments review and consider all correspondence received, and our response to the issues raised will be set out in a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).

As part of a planning application, Greenlight Developments submit to the Local Planning Authority a complete copy of all correspondence received (including any details such as your name, address and email where you have provided them). This ensures all your comments are available to the Local Planning Authority during the consideration of a planning application and shows who and how we have consulted.

As the SCI forms part of the formal suite of planning application documents, the Local Planning Authority may publish it online, subject to their own Data Protection policies. Should the planning application be the subject of an appeal, the same information will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate.

If further consultation is carried out as part of the planning process, Greenlight Developments may use your details to make you aware of this and to ask for your views, but will not use this information for any other purpose.

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